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Yee Fate A-Rod?

I’m a concerned Red Sox fan, but not for the laundry list of reasons you’re probably expecting. I’m concerned because the sports world of post-October 2004 might just be in jeopardy. I am in accord with many in reference to the “five-year grace period”, as I am a transplanted Bostonian attempting to make it in the New York sports media and would never have survived in this city had I not been rewarded with a bottomless pot of ALCS sludge to sling at Yankee fans whenever necessary.

Because most of that proverbial excrement has always (and rightfully so) had a pungent and uniquely A-Rod-aroma, I am beginning to wonder if the other shoe is ever going to drop. I speak of the latest Sports Illustrated cover article in which Tom Verducci confirms to the sports-reading world what has been inherently understood in the cities of Boston and New York since that fateful series. Namely that A-Rod is an arrogant softy with sparse amounts of friends within his clubhouse (and profession for that matter).

So my question is what happens next? Does A-Rod ground into another series/season-ending double play, and define his legacy as the greatest player to be cemented in a fortress of infamy? Or does he draw on that singular, innate baseball talent, and emphatically lead the Yankees to a World Series crown, while foaming at the mouth for three straight weeks in doing so?

I guess what I’m saying is that with no ghosts of Red Sox past, no pending trips to the OC, and no stout defending-champions standing in his way, isn’t it conceivable that “baseball’s most talented player” (or so I’ve heard) will tear up the competition and thus his own track record before all is said and done? Couldn’t Verducci have written this article after another historic A-Rod collapse? He surely would have more ammunition (although he certainly had more than enough).

I can deal with the ineptitudes of the Red Sox front office (in light of reverse sweeping the Yankees). I embrace this period of grace. I LIKE THE NEW STATUS QUO! But now that A-Rod has received the journalistic-equivalent to an “E True Hollywood Story” it appears that we have now reached a crossroads. In a month or so the A-Rod legacy will be undeniably stamped and delivered. I just hope that legacy isn’t going to get Fed-Ex’ed straight to Cooperstown.

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