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MLB Points 4/9

Baseball has returned, albeit without the blessing of Mother Nature. Near freezing temperatures in the south, cold and snow squalls in the northeast, an all out winter wonderland in the midwest…and baseball? Bizarre. And a little unsettling. Now only if someone like Al Gore would make a documentary tackling climatological oddities and their anthropogenic roots..oh right. Well maybe if he did the same thing over again, except within the greater context of baseball, all those fools who don’t believe in global warming would finally be enlightened. I mean if there’s one unifying element in our country right now it’s baseball, no? Forget the polar ice caps and the greenhouse effect. Not even worth attempting to explain the North Atlantic Current. Snow-outs in April?? Now summin ain’t right there! Well I say if our national pastime is the only thing making us all realize how screwed up our environment is, so be it…

Onto the stories that involved games being played as opposed to those being hindered by extremely unseasonable weather…

The Phillies have stumbled out of the gates once again, prompting such headlines as Now Phils Could Really Be in Trouble (Philadelphia Inquirer) and Why the Phillies are Doomed (Philadelphia Daily News). So the Phillies got swept by the Braves. So Ryan Howard and Chase Utley had rough first weeks of the season. Big deal!! Baseball is a game of streaks woven into a schedule of one hundred sixty two games. Last I checked the Phils were signed up for all 162, which leaves ample time for those big boppers to start boppin. It needs to be communicated to the city of Philly that a 1-5 start for the baseball team isn’t as serious as a 1-5 start for the football team…

Interesting week for Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees. Opening Day against the Devil Rays A-Rod botched a pop fly so early in the game the photographers were barely settled enough to snap it. He then hit one of his trademark late-inning, lead-extending home runs. In the Bombers next series against Baltimore he went on to make a huge eighth inning-ending out with the bases loaded. Finally, he capped off the roller coaster week by smoking a walk-off grand slam against the Orioles. Per usual the Yankee faithful were with him step for step, booing him off the field when he screwed up and cheering him back onto it when he saved the day. All and all, a pretty typique week for A-Rod in the Bronx…

Umm, Dice-K and Papelbon? Need I say more at this juncture? Didn’t think so. But I will anyways. Dice-K’s big league debut was everything the cynics were dreading. He threw an array of pitches for strikes, had consistent velocity in the low 90s, and visibly enjoyed the moment. Much more to come. Paps, meanwhile, recorded one of the most thrilling saves of his brief, yet dominant closing-career. On a nationally televised game in Texas on Sunday night, Papelbon entered the game with one out in the eighth inning and the Red Sox grasping to a 3-2 lead. With the tying run ninety feet away, Paps made Michael Young look bush league before retiring Mark Teixeira on a pop out. He then mowed down the rest the Rangers had to offer in the ninth for his second save. Ladies and gentleman: Dice-K and Big John Stud…

The champs stink. Now they are about to lose their ace. It’s not determined how long Chris Carpenter will be out, but with an arthritic right elbow there’s really no telling how long and seriously this ailment will aggravate the St. Louis linchpin. Even with him in the rotation the Cardinals weren’t able to salvage a game against the vengeance-seeking Mets during the teams’ three game season-opening tilt (or as they were calling it in Flushing, Games 8, 9, and 10 of the NLCS). Cards are going to have to relish that trophy because they won’t come close to having a chance at defending it…

On a different note, props to John Kerry. Acting as a proponent of the common man, Kerry initiated a response to Major League Baseball’s deal with DirecTV. MLB’s out of market coverage, known as “Extra Innings”, was to be exclusively broadcast on satellite television, a move that would’ve slighted many loyal fans with digital cable. Kerry brought the issue to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which put the wheels in motion for an agreement in principle to keep the games on cable. “All we ever wanted was a victory for the fans, and this outcome is a big step forward,” Kerry said in a statement. “Everyone kept talking and pressing until we had a deal that protects the rights of most fans to follow their hometown team.” In other words the Massachusetts Senator was asserting how Red Sox Nation would be wicked teed off if they couldn’t watch the Sox on cable. Commendable move on Kerry’s part, and a vast improvement from the guy who not long ago said his favorite player was Manny Ortez…

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  1. Christian #

    Not one of the 5 Texas hitters that Papelbon faced the other night had a shred of a piece of a chance at getting a hit.

    He was just nasty.

    What bothers me though is that now everyone is going to start the whole “Paps should never have been considered as a starter” talk since he’s had two impressive saves.

    The reason they wanted to make him a starter was two fold: they were worried about his shoulder and they didn’t want Julian Tavarez taking the hill every 5 days. We all saw Papelbon break down last season, and despite the promising start we’re all aware that it is a possibility it could happen again.

    But for now I’m gonna keep enjoying the ride.

    And Dice-K? Narsty. Haven’t felt that good during a Sox start since 45.

    April 10, 2007
  2. Anonymous #

    anthropogenic huh? can u try and fit anthropomorphic in your next column? awesome

    April 16, 2007

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